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Hear Dr. Friedman’s interview on HER Radio on the “The 3 S’s: Stress, Sleep Deprivation and Social Jet Lag” at radiomd.com.

Dr. Friedman and Dr. Dae hosted a videoconference on “Hormonal and Nonhormonal Treatment for Menopause”. Dr. Dae also has information about an online course , “Welcome to Kitchen Magic” .

Read Dr. Friedman’s interview on Redbookmag.com, 7 Foods That Balance Your Sex Hormones.

Dr. Friedman talked on Adrenal insufficiency and the myth of adrenal fatigue on HER Radio on August 21, 2014. Listen to the broadcast here.

Dr. Friedman talked on Hypothyroidism and hair loss in women on HER Radio on November 28, 2013. Listen to the broadcasts here AND here.

Dr. Friedman appeared as an expert Endocrinologist (along with his patient Kate) in a program called “Science of Obesity”, which was produced for and aired on the National Geographic Channel. You can see the segment at Cushing’s-help.com or Youtube.com.

Dr. Friedman’s Cushing’s chats hosted by Cushings-help.com and Powersurge.com can be viewed below:

March 12, 2012 chat
On BTR:  On itunes:

April 2, 2012 chat
On BTR:  On itunes:


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