Appointment Booking

Dr. Friedman has a unique practice. He is an experienced, board-certified endocrinologist and researcher. He has the capabilities to diagnose and treat even the most difficult hormonal problems. He is compassionate, a good listener and willing to “think outside the box”.

Dr. Friedman is able to have telemedicine appointments with patients around the world and in the US. Dr. Friedman is unable to respond personally to patients looking for doctors in their area or patients that want medical advice without seeing him.

He recommends patients with hard to diagnose or treat pituitary, thyroid or adrenal disorders to make an appointment.

Appointment Options


The last Tuesday night of each month will often be reserved for in person appointments while the other Tuesday nights are for telemedicine appointments. Make sure you book correctly for in person or telemedicine.


Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 10:45 p.m. Schedule your appointment online.


Dr. Friedman will respond to an email containing your questions during the weekend to established patients. Please e-mail the Paypal receipt for the $180 payment, list of medications, change in symptoms, and the email itself with questions to 3 days before. He will send you a reply, with a dictation, in four days or sooner.

20 Minute Phone Appointment….$220

Dr. Friedman offers 20 minute phone appointments Saturday night, Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. For Saturday and Sunday morning and late afternoon appointments, payment is due by 5PM, Thursday. This appointment is required to review records such as for approval for surgery. A dictation will be provided.

10 Minute Phone Appointment….$160

10 minute phone appointments are for established patients in whom Dr. Friedman does not have to review the chart are available on weekday or Sunday mornings and weekday evenings.

Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing….$850

Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing is done on Tuesday evening and Sunday at noon to find out if the pituitary gland is releasing growth hormone into the bloodstream in the right amounts. Dr. Friedman uses the glucagon stimulation test. The test takes about four hours and involves injection of glucagon and 7 blood draws. Due to the large amount of time to renew growth hormone, Dr. Friedman is asking for patients to pay $100 via PayPal to off-set the time needed for renewals.

Pituitary MRI Read….$100

After you schedule this pituitary read, you will be sent a link to upload your MRI disc. Do not send your disc by mail. Once you’ve uploaded your MRI with the link provided, Dr. Friedman will review the images over the weekend and send you a dictation with relevant screenshots of your pituitary. He does not read any other types of imaging.

For All Appointments

After your initial appointment, your follow-up appointments can be via e-mail or phone. Dr. Friedman’s philosophy is to spend as much time as needed with each patient.

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Although your session with Dr. Friedman will be packed full of information, Dr. Friedman will send you a detailed summary of your visit, so you do not need to record it. Please upload copies of all your endocrine laboratories before you come. Putting the endocrine laboratories on a spreadsheet is often helpful. Looking for them on your phone during the appointment will waste precious time. No insurances are accepted, but you will be provided with a superbill with billing and diagnostic codes for submission to your insurance company. You or your insurance will be responsible for all laboratory and imaging fees.

Dr Friedman’s rates are competitive.

Payment and Booking

PayPal and Square, the online payment services, are offered on Dr. Friedman’s web site to pay deposits fees and other charges related to services provided by Dr. Friedman. All e-mail appointments, 10 or 20 minute phone and MRI read appointments require advance payment via PayPal or Square. All new patient appointments and growth hormone testing appointments require advanced deposits via PayPal or Square with the balance due (after deducting the deposit) by PayPal or Square.

For in person appointments, the balance due (after deducting the deposit) can be paid by Paypal or Square.

Any refund requests must take place within 6 months of payment. Please email us your payment receipt with the transaction number.

Please schedule appointments below, by choosing the appointment type.

The scheduling software will sending you a confirmation email and also reminder emails. If you do not receive them, please check your spam box or add as a contact in your email account.

Want an earlier appointment than what is available?

Book and pay the deposit/payment for the next available appointment under the type of appointment desired and then contact our office for an earlier appointment.

For example, if you are a new patient and want a new patient 45 min telemedicine appointment, pay the deposit and book that appointment then contact our office for an earlier appointment option. If you want a 10 min laboratory evaluation appointment, book the next available 10 min appointment and staff can put you on the waitlist.

A few steps are required to be placed on the wait list. Once these details are met, you will be eligible for a cancellation that often comes up.

1)        You must have the appointment type of your choice already scheduled and paid for, even if it’s not the date and time you want.

2)        Once you’ve just gone to the lab, email that date to

We will add two weeks to your newest draw date and place you on the wait list for that date.  Endocrine labs may take up to two weeks to complete, despite what a lab will tell you.

Schedule Your Appointment

How to Use Dropbox For new patients, prior to your appointment, Judy will give you a link to your Dropbox on Dr. Friedman’s account that allows you to upload and download files to your own computer and share them with family members or other providers. Existing patients can request from Judy ( this link. Dropbox is secure and HIPAA compliant. Do not request to be a team member Do not rearrange or remove files from your Dropbox

Available Hours

Clinic Hours

Tuesday           5:45-10:45 p.m.

Telephone Consultations

Saturday evenings

Sunday mornings and early evenings

10 Minute Phone Appointments

10 minute phone appointments are for established patients in whom Dr. Friedman does not have to review the chart and are available on weekday mornings and evenings.

How to Contact Us

Please use the button above to book your appointment.

Contact email:

Appointment email: Fax: 310-564-2786 Phone: 310-335-0327 Growth Hormone Authorizations:

Medication Refills:

Dr. Friedman e-prescribes, have your pharmacy request medication refills through e-prescribe.

Compounded Semaglutide-Tirzepatide

$299 for all compounded doses via PayPal or Square (links are below).

Email the payment receipt, which medication and your state to

Please Notate on Payment  memo that it’s for Strive.


Miscellaneous Fees

Please use the PayPal button below for miscellaneous payments as directed by Dr. Friedman’s office.

Do not use this link (button) to pay for appointments.

Please schedule the appointment you want above; that will lead you to a paypal page for your appointment.