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Dr. Friedman continues to see patients in person on the last Tuesday of each month with telemedicine visits on the other Tuesday nights.

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Does this sound like you?

Too tired to function during the day, but can’t sleep at night. Gaining weight in spite of eating clean and working out with a personal trainer. Becoming depressed, moody and irritable. Achy. Sweating. Bloated. Ever thought you had a hormonal disorder or wanted to have your thyroid thoroughly checked. You may want to look over the information on the website and see if making an appointment with Dr. Friedman is appropriate. Dr. Friedman is an adult Endocrinologist, he does diagnose and treat children who could have Cushing’s syndrome or thyroid problems, but does not deal with growth (kids with short stature) or developmental/pubertal problems.

The key to getting your life back starts with getting the right information from an expert Endocrinologist who is dedicated to educating and treating patients with all types of hormonal disorders. Goodhormonehealth is dedicated to providing just that. Check out our collection of articles backed by research, provided by Theodore C. Friedman, MD, PhD on the detection and treatment of hormone imbalances, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal disorders, low testosterone, menopause and Cushing’s disease/syndrome. You can then decide if you want to make an appointment with Dr. Friedman.


So many of us believe that fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido and other problems are just symptoms we must learn to live with.  What if these symptoms are not the result of stress, diet, or aging, but are actually caused by a hormonal disorder?  Symptoms of hormone deficiency or excess may be subtle and difficult to diagnose.  Many hormonal problems are misdiagnosed as depression, especially in women. You know your own body better than anyone else, and you know when something is wrong.  Dr. Friedman is a compassionate, caring physician who will listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan.  As an experienced, board-certified endocrinologist and researcher, he has the capabilities to diagnose and treat even the most difficult hormonal problems.  Dr. Friedman has found that many of his patients suffer from undiagnosed pituitary, thyroid or adrenal problems or are improperly treated for these conditions. These include many people with Cushing’s disease, which can present with a baffling array of symptoms and is frequently misdiagnosed. Other patients may have pituitary, thyroid or adrenal insufficiency, each of which have numerous symptoms and are equally hard to diagnose. Menopause is a challenging time and Dr. Friedman specializing in treating women with menopause. Dr. Friedman is a world-renown expert in these difficult-to-diagnose diseases and is happy to see patients from around the country (and around the world) who need a straight answer to their hormone problems. Dr. Friedman is a take action doctor who won’t delay treatment and just tell you to “come back in 3 months”. He thinks out of the box (yet is well-grounded in conventional Endocrinology) and often diagnoses hormonal problems where other doctors have failed. Dr. Friedman is not an anti-aging doctor and works to return low hormones levels to normal unlike anti-aging doctors who give high doses of hormones often to those with normal levels. Dr. Friedman listens to symptoms and uses reliable laboratories for testing.

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Find out more on pertinent endocrine issues. Dr. Friedman give tips to readers about how they can improve or augment actions in their life to have a healthy lifestyle.

Medications used to treat Cushing’s

Dr. Friedman uses several medications to treat Cushing’s syndrome that are summarized in this table. Dr. Friedman especially recommends ketoconazole.

Covid Vaccine Article

All of our country is very encouraged by the declining rates in both COVID-19 infections and death, due mostly to President Trump’s vaccine …

Weight Loss Drugs

Dr. Friedman’s main approach to weight loss is to rule out any endocrine problems, such as hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, or growth hormone deficiency, that may lead to weight gain.

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Dr. Friedman is now approved to offer telemedicine appointments to NEW patients in California (who live more than 2 hours away from his Los Angeles office). The initial in-office visit is no longer necessary!

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Need growth hormone testing, but do not want to get the low blood sugar following an ITT? Dr. Friedman is now performing both the macrelin and glucagon stimulation test for growth hormone testing.

  • "I have a dream that one day all medical school graduates will have a true interest in science.In this dream world, the doctors will have learned to be good listeners before they are granted their diplomas. They will be excited about searching out truth in a microscope, a vial of blood, or a careful review of patterns. I believe Dr. Friedman already went to this mythical medical school. I just wish there were more in his graduating class." 
  • Endocrine disorders are notoriously the most difficult diseases to diagnose.  Many people like myself spend years going from doctor to doctor in order to find relief. Not until I met Dr. Friedman did I understand what it means to have a truly caring and compassionate physician.  He has all the qualities I need in a doctor; someone who listens and treats me as an intelligent partner in my own health care, but also, someone who is persistent and intellectually curious.
  • I am a Canadian who has been abused and then shelved by the Canadian Medical System.  Dr. Friedman has been a tremendous help and support. I am constantly impressed by his prompt reply to my emails.  Most importantly, however, he has validated my symptoms.
  • After exhausting all medical avenues in my city, I turned to Dr. Friedman at the suggestion of another physician who had seen him diagnose problems that eluded other doctors.  My health problems had gone on for months, and were both mentally and physically debilitating.  Dr. Friedman always listens, offers encouragement and deciphers the many symptoms and test that I have endured.  He makes me feel that I have some control in this process, which can be quite frightening.  He has been a port in a long and relentless storm.  I will always be indebted to him.
  • Due to the complex nature and rarity of my medical problems, I've traveled to many world-renowned research and medical centers. During these medical travels, I was seen by one of the leading researchers and clinicians, Dr. Theodore Friedman. I consider him one of the best of the best. Dr. Friedman has all the attributes one looks for in a physician: knowledge, expertise, extensive research experience, access to the latest technology, and a genuine interest in his patients. In the ten years I've known him, he has always been accessible, easy to talk to, and thorough in his evaluation.
  • Thanks so much for the followup notes on my 2nd round of labs......really appreciate it.

    My mind/thoughts are very much has been hard for 8 weeks or so thinking I was very sick (even though I did not have symptoms)… I bought a new tennis racquet!!  And can still look forward to great matches in near future.

    J.E. California

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