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Dr. Friedman gave four talks at The MAGIC Foundation’s 13th Annual Conference for Adults
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Fludrocortisone Is Still Available

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Does this sound like you? Too tired to function during the day, but can’t sleep at night. Keep gaining weight in spite of eating clean and working out with a personal trainer. Becoming depressed, moody and irritable. Achy. Sweating. Bloated. Ever thought you had a hormonal disorder or wanted to have your thyroid thoroughly checked? Look over the information on the website and see if making an appointment with Los Angeles Endocrinologist, Dr. Theodore C. Friedman, M.D. Ph.D is appropriate. Dr. Friedman is an adult Endocrinologist, he does diagnose and treat children who could have Cushing’s syndrome or thyroid problems, but does not deal with growth (kids with short stature) or developmental/pubertal problems.


The key to getting your life back starts with getting the right information from an expert Endocrinologist who is dedicated to educating and treating patients with all types of hormonal disorders. Goodhormonehealth is dedicated to providing just that. Check out our collection of articles backed by research, provided by Los Angeles Endocrinologist, Dr. Theodore C. Friedman, M.D. Ph.D on the detection and treatment of hormone imbalances, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal disorders, low testosterone, menopause and Cushing’s disease/syndrome.

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Find out more on pertinent endocrine issues. Dr. Friedman give tips to readers about how they can improve or augment actions in their life to have a healthy lifestyle.

Florence Student’s Mysterious Affliction

FLORENCE, S.C. – After struggling with a mysterious illness for nearly three years, Florence resident Taylor Davis is using her diagnosis of Cushing’s disease to raise awareness.   Davis was a healthy young adult when she started as a student at the University of South Carolina in the fall of 2015, but soon into her […]

Should I Take Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills were discovered in the 1960s as a means to contraception with profound implications for society, including separation for women between conception and sexuality. While this most likely had beneficial effects for our society, people have come to see birth control pills as something completely benign, almost like taking a vitamin. Birth control […]

Ketoconazole: Therapy for Cushing’s syndrome

Dr. Friedman usually recommends surgical treatment for Cushing’s syndrome and, specifically, pituitary surgery for those with pituitary Cushing’s disease. However, many patients are not good surgical candidates for their Cushing’s disease. This can occur if they do not have a tumor clearly seen on their pituitary or if their tests are equivocal for Cushing’s. There […]

Growth Hormone Treatment in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Often patient with hypopituitarism need growth hormone, and many of them are younger females who do get pregnant. Dr. Friedman has explored the issue about whether growth hormone is safe and needed in pregnancy for those who were already on growth hormone before they became pregnant. The literature supports that growth hormone can be given […]

Fludrocortisone Replacement and Adrenal Insufficiency

The adrenals make 2 important hormones, cortisol (a glucocorticoid) and aldosterone (a mineralocorticoid). Patients with adrenal insufficiency from an adrenal cause such as an adrenalectomy or Addison disease require replacement of both hormones, Although the natural mineralocorticoid is aldosterone, we give fludrocortisone or Florinef as a replacement. The glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid  axis are 2  different  […]

Drugs and Cortisol

Patients frequently ask me if takin a certain drug will affect cortisol levels, either in regarding to cortisol testing or if they want to raise or lower their cortisol. If a patient is undergoing testing for Cushing’s Dr. Friedman recommends discontinuing the drug for a week before testing, especially drugs in bold. Although it may […]

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Dr. Friedman is now approved to offer telemedicine appointments to NEW patients in California (who live more than 2 hours away from his Los Angeles office). The initial in-office visit is no longer necessary!

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Need growth hormone testing, but do not want to get the low blood sugar following an ITT? Dr. Friedman is now performing both the macrelin and glucagon stimulation test for growth hormone testing.

  • "I have a dream that one day all medical school graduates will have a true interest in science.In this dream world, the doctors will have learned to be good listeners before they are granted their diplomas. They will be excited about searching out truth in a microscope, a vial of blood, or a careful review of patterns. I believe Dr. Friedman already went to this mythical medical school. I just wish there were more in his graduating class." 
  • Endocrine disorders are notoriously the most difficult diseases to diagnose.  Many people like myself spend years going from doctor to doctor in order to find relief. Not until I met Dr. Friedman did I understand what it means to have a truly caring and compassionate physician.  He has all the qualities I need in a doctor; someone who listens and treats me as an intelligent partner in my own health care, but also, someone who is persistent and intellectually curious.
  • I am a Canadian who has been abused and then shelved by the Canadian Medical System.  Dr. Friedman has been a tremendous help and support. I am constantly impressed by his prompt reply to my emails.  Most importantly, however, he has validated my symptoms.
  • After exhausting all medical avenues in my city, I turned to Dr. Friedman at the suggestion of another physician who had seen him diagnose problems that eluded other doctors.  My health problems had gone on for months, and were both mentally and physically debilitating.  Dr. Friedman always listens, offers encouragement and deciphers the many symptoms and test that I have endured.  He makes me feel that I have some control in this process, which can be quite frightening.  He has been a port in a long and relentless storm.  I will always be indebted to him.
  • Due to the complex nature and rarity of my medical problems, I've traveled to many world-renowned research and medical centers. During these medical travels, I was seen by one of the leading researchers and clinicians, Dr. Theodore Friedman. I consider him one of the best of the best. Dr. Friedman has all the attributes one looks for in a physician: knowledge, expertise, extensive research experience, access to the latest technology, and a genuine interest in his patients. In the ten years I've known him, he has always been accessible, easy to talk to, and thorough in his evaluation.
  • Thanks so much for the followup notes on my 2nd round of labs......really appreciate it.

    My mind/thoughts are very much has been hard for 8 weeks or so thinking I was very sick (even though I did not have symptoms)… I bought a new tennis racquet!!  And can still look forward to great matches in near future.

    J.E. California

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