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Dr. Theodore Friedman (The Wiz) will host a webinar on Growth Hormone Deficiency, PCOS or Cushing’s: How do You Tell Them Apart?

Dr. Friedman will discuss topics including:


  1. Signs and Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome
  2. Testing for Cushing’s
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency
  4. Testing for Growth Hormone Deficiency
  5. Signs and Symptoms of PCOS
  6. Testing for PCOS
  7. How do you tell them apart?


Sunday • August 2 • 6 PM PDT


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Meeting Number (Access Code): 133 727 0164 Your phone/computer will be muted on entry.
Slides will be available on the day of the talk here
There will be plenty of time for questions using the chat button. Meeting Password: pcos
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