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Updates on Treating Hypothyroidism

Dr. Theodore Friedman will be giving a webinar on Updates on Treating Hypothyroidism.


Topics to be discussed include:


    • New articles showing patients prefer desiccated thyroid

    • New thyroid hormone preparations

    • Update on desiccated thyroid recalls

    • New article on why TSH is less important than thyroid hormone measurements

    • What is the difference between desiccated thyroid and synthetic thyroid hormones?

    • Is rT3 important?


Sunday • April 25• 6 PM PST

Via Zoom Click here to join the meeting or
Slides will be available before the webinar and recording after the meeting at slides
Meeting ID: 420 968 7343 Passcode: 111116
Your phone/computer will be muted on entry. There will be plenty of time for questions using the chat button.    
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