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For Cushing's ,Growth Hormone Deficient and Hypopituitary Patients



In person appointments (for all new patients except those who live in California more than 2 hours away from Dr. Friedman's office).......$500/hr
Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. Schedule by sending an email to

E-mail Appointments.......$150
Dr. Friedman will respond to an email containing your questions at any time to established patients. Please have $150.00 payment, list of medications, change in symptoms, and the email itself sent to by 5:00 PM the night before. He will send you a reply, with a formally typed dictation, in four days or sooner.

20" Phone Appointments.......$190
Dr. Friedman offers 20" phone appointments to established patients outside of Southern California, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. For the Wednesday night appointment, payment is due by 5PM, Tuesday night; for the Saturday and Sunday night appointments, payment is due by 5PM, Thursday. This appointment is required to review records such as for approval for surgery. A dictation will be provided.

10" Short Phone Appointments.......$140
For patients who have questions in which no access to their chart is needed, Dr. Friedman offers 10" short phone appointments to all established patients Monday – Thursday, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, PACIFIC TIME (please adjust time for your time zone,) and 7:00 AM, Friday morning, PACIFIC TIME (please adjust time for your time zone.) These time frames will change in the spring after the time change. A dictation will be provided.

Dr. Friedman's FaceTime appointments are available to California patients who live 2 hours or more from Dr. Friedman's office: please email

Contact email:

Appointment email:

Fax: 323-563-9324


To make an appointment with Dr. Friedman, or to receive a fee schedule, please make an appointment through Appointment Quest (below) or contact his staff.

Click here for appointment!

Contact his staff by phone at (310) 335-0327 or send an E-mail to

PayPal, the online payment service, is offered on Dr. Friedman's web site as a service for his patients. This payment option may be used to pay fees and other charges related to services provided by Dr. Friedman. To make payments using PayPal, click on the link below.

ETLA patients, please use the PayPal on the ETLA page

Dr Friedman requires a $100.00 deposit for all new patients and a $50 deposit for all follow up patients prior to scheduling appointments. Phone appointments must be paid in full before the "phone appointment".

Phone us at (310) 335-0327

    Send an E-mail to:

Questions to Dr. Friedman's staff should be directed to:

Office hours are currently Tuesday evenings. Telephone consults are available on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Drive by appointments for established patients whom Dr. Friedman does not have to review the chart are available on weekday evenings.

Dr. Friedman is now able to offer telemedicine (FaceTime) appointments for those patients in California who live more than 2 hours from his Los Angeles. Those patients who live out of state need to see Dr. Friedman in person, however, followup appointments can be by phone, email or FaceTime. After your initial appointment, your follow-up can be arranged via e-mail, phone or mail. Dr. Friedman's office can help you with your out-of-town visit. Please contact his office for more information.Dr. Friedman's philosophy is to spend as much time as needed with each patient.

Because your session with Dr. Friedman will be packed full of information, you may want to bring a tape recorder to record your appointment. No insurances are accepted, but you will be provided with a receipt for submission to your insurance company. Dr Friedman's rates are competitive.

Dr. Friedman has a unique practice. He is an experienced, board-certified endocrinologist and researcher, he has the capabilities to diagnose and treat even the most difficult hormonal problems. He is compassionate, a good listener and willing to “think outside the box”. He cannot diagnose or treat patients without first seeing them in his Los Angeles Clinic and is unable to respond personally to patients looking for doctors in their area.He recommends patients with hard to diagnose or treat pituitary, thyroid or adrenal disorders to make an appointment to see him by calling us at (310) 335-0327 or by sending us an email. However, he recognizes that some patients are unable to travel to Los Angeles to see him. Therefore, he has compiled this list of physicians around the world that might be appropriate for patients to see. Dr. Friedman has trained with some of these physicians and others he has met at meetings. Good luck in achieving good hormone health.

See Physician List

Members of Dr. Friedman's team:

Dr. Eric Zuckerbraun, Lynne and Judy

Dr. Eric Lynne


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